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Changes from September 13th

Dear SportGates clients,

From September 13th GYM services will be available only for persons who has passport of opportunity (later PO).
From September 13th, you will be able to activate it in your self-service account by logging in here: Select the “Membership Information“, upload the PDF file and click the “Activate Passport of Opportunity” button. If you activate PO successfully, you will see a confirmation message, and if it will be failed, you will see an error message. You will not be admitted to the gym after the PO expires. The PO will need to be reactivated again.

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to activate a PO in a self-service terminal in a gym or administration.

If you have an EU green passport, you will be invited to join and pick up a PO because we can only accept clients with this document by activating it in the self-service account.

All GYM members are important for us, so everyone who has memberships in GYM, but does not have PO, we invite you to contact for freeze membership.

If you have received a PO and want to return to the gym, activate the PO in the self-service system and inform the administration about the activation of the membership by e-mail.

People who are tested for work for free and do not have PO, will also not be able to use the services of the GYM under the government’s requirements.

We believe that these inconveniences will be temporary and that we will soon be able to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of sport freely again.

Best wishes,
SportGates team


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