What is Lanksti Membership?

If you want to buy yearly membership but you can’t or do not want to pay all membership price at once, Lanksti membership lets You to pay for your membership in monthly payments. All you have to do is to sign Lanksti membership agreement. When you sign agreement, price (Lanksti membership 19.95 euros+ attendance fee, SMART membership 15,95 euros + attendance fee) for your membership is automatically transfered to SportGates every month. How this works?

  1. You can sign agreement by buying membership online or you can sign agreement in the club (Taikos av. 141, Klaipėda or Vytauto pr. 23, Kaunas). Don’t forget to have your ID and bank account number.

  2. After You sign Lanksti membership agreement, you have to set automatic payments through Electronic banking system. Click here for instructions.

  3. Once you are already set – payment for membeship will be automaticaly tranfered to our system.

  4. That’s all – welcome to our family!

Payments for Lanksti membership are transfered every month within the first 10 days of the month. If you bought your membership in the middle of the month – you have to pay only for further days of the month.



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