Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Rules of usage of the SportGates Gym services

    The use of the SportGates gym (hereinafter referred to as the “Gym”) to the client (hereinafter referred to as the “Visitor“) is authorized only after careful observance of these Gym Rules (with all annexes) (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules“) and confirmed by his signature.

    1. A visitor is able to start attending the gym only when he / she purchases a person’s membership card and pays for the fixed price of the Gym services (hereinafter referred to as “membership” of the Gym service).
    2. During the first registration, visitors must submit a valid ID with a photo, fill (sign) the registration form and take a photo (the image is used for Visitor Identification). Upon acquiring a student’s membership and signing a contract at the Gym, upon request, the visitor must submit a valid student document (card). If the document is invalid or does not conform to the identity, the client has no right to acquire the student‘s membership, and if the membership has been purchased online at, membership is declared as invalid.
    3. After acquiring a membership, a personal membership card is issued, which costs 1.50 EUR (the card price is not included in the price of the Gym services). In case of loss or damage of the membership card, the Visitor has to fill the application to purchase a new card and pay the card price.
    4. Visitors can only enter the Gym  by using a personal membership card. In case if he can not submit his personal membership card, the Visitor is admitted to the Gym only upon submission of a personal identification document (passport, driving license, etc.).
    5. Having a personal membership card gives the right to visit the Gym without limiting the duration of the visit duration and times at the Gym working hours.
    6. Visitors can visit the Gym for 24 hours/ 7 days a week.
    7. The gym is strictly forbidden:
    • Persons under 16 years are prohibited attending the Gym.

    7.2 In addition to the prior written consent of the Gym, to provide sports or similar services, to consult, train the Customers or otherwise interfere with the Gym staff;

    7.3. It is prohibited to picture and / or filming at the Gym for commercial purposes or in order to harm, damage the image of the gym without the prior written consent of the Gym;

    1. 1 year ant month memberships of the Gym are valid from the time when the visitor begins to use the services of the gym (visits the gym and activates personal membership). Visitors who have acquired membership must start using the Gym services (activate the membership card) not later than within 60 calendar days after payment for the services of the Gym. If the visitor does not attend the Gym within specified period, on the 61st day, membership card is activated automatically and its expiration date starts counting. Memberships of one day access and e-contract are valid from the day you buy these memberships and pay for them.
    2. According to rest and holidays, the Gym reserves the right to change the working hours of the Gym in advance, no later than 3 calendar days, by informing on the website or in the premises of the Gym.
    3. According to the specifics of the work and customer service of the Gym and the fact that the Members independently use the services of the Gym, the Member is informed and agrees that in separate working hours of the Gym, when the staff can be out of the Gym premises.
    4. Pausing, suspending and extension of the Gym membership. 12 months the term of validity of the membership can be suspended for no more than 1 month (30 calendar days). This is called as a member’s vacation. Student‘s membership can be suspended for up to 2 weeks (14 calendar days).
    5. Membership is suspended the next day after the announcement of suspended membership. You can report about pausing of the membership by visiting the gym or by e-mail (with your name, surname and personal ID number).
    6. Membership can be extended in case of sickness for more than 5 working days. Students, schoolchildren, seniors must submit a doctor’s certificate about the disease in order to extend their membership of the disease. Holders of other memberships must provide a copy of the SODRA certificate of incapacity for work. Membership is renewed only for a period that the visitor does not attend the Gym.
    7. Annual membership can not be stopped. Annual membership can be re-written to another person once for a symbolic fee of 5 Euros. The rest period of membership and period of holidays is rewritable.
    8. The Client can unilaterally terminate the Contract (by notifying the reasonable period of time which is not less than 30 calendar days) before the expiration of the term of membership and request the refund of the amounts paid for the Services, proportional to the period remaining until the expiration of the membership, but must pay to the Gym for the losses incurred:
      1. All discounts (the amount) to the customer for the services, from the date of signing of the Contract to the date of termination thereof; for an e-account with an automatic payment service, taxes were paid to the bank for the period during which the Gym was being provided and the customer paid the bills via e-account;
      2. Compensation for illness or other termination of membership;
      3. Client‘s debt management and other expenses.
    9. Visitors who have acquired membership will not be refunded for the payment, except when the Visitor, due to the Gym‘s fault, was not able to use the services of the Gym or other cases stipulated by legal acts.
    10. Before visiting the Gym, the Visitor must make sure that his/her state of health allows to use the services of the Gym (check health condition and consult a doctor). All the consequences of failure to comply with this recommendation belongs to the Visitor.
    11. Visitors must responsibly evaluate their ability and physical condition to match their physical exertion. Visitors can use the simulators only after reading Gym‘s instruction manuals and choose a safe load. Fitness equipment and other equipment of the Gym is only for their intended purpose.
    12. Gift cards. SportGates gift cards are valid for three months from the date of purchase, and can be used to pay for the services of the Gym. The difference between service prices and gift coupon value is paid in cash. Gift cardas can be used only for the services listed in the price list for the Gym. The gift card cannot be change for money, and after the expiry of the Gift Card, it can not be used.
    13. Every visitor is given an access to a cloakroom. To have a personal, lockable locker, you need to buy a lock in the administration or bring your own. The Gym is not responsible for the items left in the closet or the Gym.


    1. The Visitor at the Gym must:
    • to be sober or intoxicated with alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances use gym equipment and other equipment for direct use only. Without knowledge how to use the Gym equipment and other equipment of the Gym correctly and safely, consult with a Gym coach or administrator;
    • not to use broken simulators and to inform the Gym about the failure immediately;

    do not interfere with other Gym visitors to use fitness equipment and other equipment. Do not disturb to use the Gym equipment to other Visitors at your break time;

    • not to use the services of the Gym in case of a deterioration in health (in case of bad health condition). In case of health deteriorates inside of the Gym, immediately inform the Gym staff;
    • taking pictures, filming in the Gym are allowed in advance with the approval of the Gym Administration (with the written consent of the Gym);
    • to wear only safe and special sports footwear (indoor); to wear only clear sports wear at the Gym;
    • is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages or food products;
    • it is prohibited to use sports shoes for outdoor footwear, slippers, sandals or absolutely no footwear. The visitor who violate this rule is not allowed to enter the Gym;
    • after finishing the exercise, leave the simulator clean. Gym equipment, other gym equipment, weights should be placed in the places intended for them;
    • you must use a towel during workout;
    • it is forbidden for parents (guardians) to bring their little children to the Gym.
    1. Visitors who consciously (intentionally or through negligence) violate the rules of the Gym, do not listen to the Gym‘s coaches and / or administration alerts that endanger their own safety and property and the surrounding area, can be be denied access to the Gym. The money for the purchased membership is not refunded.
    2. Visitors are required to indemnify the damage done to the Gym or to other visitors, if the damage occcurred from the Visitor’s fault. Damage shall be compensated within 7 calendar days after calculation of damage and presentation to the Visitor.
    3. The visitor of the Gym agrees that for the security purposes he will be filming by video cameras equipped indoor at the Gym.


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